St. Patrick’s Day Visual Discrimination Activity

St. Patrick's Day Visual Discrimination Activity

Here is a St. Patrick’s Day activity (free printable) that will allow children to practice their visual discrimination skills. Opposed to comparing a small group of 3D objects, children must rely on their visual discrimination skills to identify differences and similarities of images. It is important for them to hone these skills in order to strengthen their alphabetic knowledge; they will need to spot the differences between letters. For examples, “b” and “d”, and “m” and “n”.

For younger learners, it may be best to work with one line of pictures at a time. Try covering the others with a piece of paper.

St. Patrick's Day Visual Discrimination Activity

Once the child has determined which image is different from the rest, have him/or cover it with a marker. Gold coins work very well and are always popular! For further visual discrimination fun, check out the I Spy book series on Amazon.

downloadDownload the free St. Patrick’s Day visual discrimination activity here.

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  1. Happy2Teach says:

    I really appreciate your free printables, and I am looking forward to using them with my preschoolers.😀

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