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DIY ideas for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

Garden Patterning Activity

Pattern pins are versatile and easy to put together. They promote hands-on learning and quickly capture the attention of most learners. I found this set of cute felt flowers and butterflies on Amazon and thought they were the perfect thing…

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Christmas Patterning Activity

This Christmas patterning activity is one of many pattern pin sets that we use in our classrooms. Pattern pins are easy to make, inexpensive, hands-on learning tools. Plus, they are super cute, the kids love them, and they work those…

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Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin

spooky halloween sensory bin

This Halloween sensory bin is made of just a little bit of spooky and a whole lot of fun! Children learn best by using their senses. Tubs filled with a variety of substances and materials enable young ones to use…

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DIY Art Center Yarn Cans

I put together these cute yarn cans for my self-help art shelf. They are easy to make and keep the yarn contained and neat. I used plastic mason jars, but any plastic container with a lid will do. Simply fill…

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Apple Lacing Cards

These colorful lacing apples are the perfect table top activity for fall. They keep my preschoolers happily amused, and help to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They also increase their ability to concentrate. While supervising this activity, put…

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Fishy Friends Felt Board Activity

This fish match up game is a quick and easy way to teach colors and provide visual discrimination practice. It can be used as an independent table top exercise, or as a small group activity. In addition, it makes a…

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Under the Sea Playdough Activity

This playdough tray is the perfect addition to any ocean theme. Children will enjoy building their own seascapes with driftwood, shells, and other goodies. So excited to present this invitation to play. PLAYDOUGH RECIPE: – 2 cups of plain flour…

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Garden Felt Board Activity

Children love to use the flannel board, and I give them that opportunity as often as I can. This table top board is perfect for a small group. I like to gather two or three children and have them work…

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