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Mother’s Day Gift Bag Craft

Mother's Day Gift Bag Craft

I always like the children to make their own wrapping for their Mother’s Day gifts. I have found that paper bags, when decorated, make the perfect gift wrap.

The flowers on our bags are paper cupcake liners that have been pressed onto colorful blobs of paint. We spread the paint by smoothing it over with our hands. Brass fasteners were used to attach the flowers (some children will need help with this step). We then pasted some stems and leaves on, and added bright pom poms, in the center, to complete our flowers. As a final step, we punched holes in the bags and tied them with a colorful yarn. The completed bag is the perfect compliment to any Mother’s Day Gift.


– White paper bags
– White cupcake liners
– A variety of paints
– Brass fasteners (brads)
– Pom poms
– Our leaf and stem template
– Construction paper
– Yarn
– Hole punch
– Glue
– Scissors


Garden Sensory Bin

Spring has definitely sprung in our classroom. The seeds, the children planted, have started to sprout. The butterflies have emerged from their chrysalises, and the children’s colorful kites are hanging from the ceiling. To go along with all of this, I set up a garden sensory bin, that needless to say, has been a popular spot in the room this week.

As a base I used colored rice. I then added a shovel, a rake, a sifter, a pair of large tweezers, and some garden fruits and vegetables. Large plastic carrots, left over from Easter, made the perfect receptacles for all the goodies. The children all had a great time using their imaginations and motor skills while “gardening”.


– Rice
– Brown and black liquid watercolors (refer to our (post on how to color rice))
– Rakes and shovels
– A sifter
– Large plastic tweezers
– Plastic strawberries and carrots
– Large plastic carrot containers


Family Friday 2017

Today is the last day of (NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child™, and it’s Family Friday!

We are busy drawing family portraits, while discussing the wonderful people closest to us and our experiences with them. What a fun, meaningful week it has been!