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Christmas Patterning Activity

christmas patterning activity

This Christmas patterning activity is one of many pattern pin sets that we use in our classrooms. Pattern pins are easy to make, inexpensive, hands-on learning tools. Plus, they are super cute, the kids love them, and they work those small hand muscles!


– Paint mixing sticks
– Paint (craft or spray)
– Clothespins
– Jingle bells
– Christmas mini bows
– Hot glue gun

christmas patterning activity

For this set, we painted the mixing sticks brown; we always use a dark color for our bases, so that the patterns really stand out. You can pick up mixing sticks at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or your local paint store. We found jingle bells and mini Christmas bows at Dollar Tree, and hot glued them to the tops of clothespins.

christmas patterning activity

You might first introduce pattern pins and demonstrate the concept of patterning in a large group, and then work with small groups of children, making patterns together.

Students will not only create patterns, but they will also copy and extend patterns that are represented on other sticks (made by you or other students). For this reason, it’s a good idea to have multiple bases on hand. Be sure to encourage your students to identify their patterns and describe what is and what is not a pattern.


The Gingerbread Man Craft

As a parent and a teacher, it’s always been fun and important for me to introduce ALL of my children to what I loved and adored, and learned from when I was young.

So every holiday season, I bring out the The Gingerbread Man. To me, this first edition Giant Golden Book was the most magical story ever. As a child I spent hours looking over the vibrant illustrations of Bill and Bonnie Rutherford, letting my imagination run away right along with that fearless, little yummy cookie.

This classic book is ideal for reading aloud and makes for an excellent literary-based art activity; gingerbread men and houses. Last year, we used our creations to decorate our classroom window.

The houses are made of basic shapes (squares, rectangles, and triangles) and can be cut out by you or by your children depending on their ability. This year, I will be offering even more materials such as stiff felt, fuzzy sticks, bows, etc., so maybe we’ll see some gingerbread girls!


– Construction paper
Our gingerbread template
– Googly eyes
– Ricrac
– Acrylic craft jewels
– Stiff felt/fabric
– Sparkle/glitter pom poms
– Buttons
– Holiday scrapbook paper
– Sequins
– Mini bows
– White foam (roofs)
– Holiday fuzzy sticks

NOTE: Be sure to check out our Christmas Math and Literacy pack for more gingerbread activities!

Christmas Math and Literacy

Christmas Math and Literacy


Christmas Math and Literacy Activities

christmas math and literacy activities

Ho! Ho! Ho! This Christmas Math and Literacy Activities pack is sure to make the season a little brighter. It contains 10 worksheets and 4 learning center activities that strengthen the following skills:

– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Classification
– Number recognition
– Number quantity
– Set recognition
– Number formation
– Measurement
– Association
– Attribute variance
– Story sequencing
– Beginning sound recognition
– Visual discrimination
– Phonological and phonemic awareness
– Fine motor
– Following directions


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these sheets out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Supply a small manipulative such as mini erasers for students to use as markers. For individual use, have the child roll the die, count the dots (or recognize the “set” of dots), and find and cover the corresponding number on the sheet. Repeat until all of the numerals are covered. In small group, give each child a sheet and have them take turns rolling the die. The first person to cover all of their numbers wins. Trade cards and play again!


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these sheets out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Attach paperclip spinners with round head fasteners (brads). Provide gumdrops, mini erasers or some other small manipulative for students to use. Young learners will spin, identify a number and place that amount of items on their sheets. As children pick up and place each item, encourage them to say its number name (one, two, etc.). Older children may fill all three lines, while younger ones may only complete the first or second. Once finished, have students count all of the items on their sheets.


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these cards out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Provide Unifix Cubes or another small manipulative for children to measure (non-standard) the length of the items. Be sure to discuss which are longer, shorter, and the same size. To extend this activity, students may use the included Merry Measuring – Measure and Record sheet to record their answers.


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these cards out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Students will say the name of each picture and find and cover its rhyming partner. Supply pom poms, gumdrops, mini erasers or some other manipulative for children to use as markers.


christmas math and literacy activities

Print these cards out on cardstock (laminate for heavy use). Learners will identify the uppercase letter featured on the gingerbread man. They will then work to “decorate” the gingerbread with its lowercase letter partner/gumdrop.


Christmas Goodies – Classification – Prompt students to study the pictures and determine which items are toys and which are yummy treats. Children can then cut, sort, and glue the pictures onto their appropriate spaces.

Christmas Mouse – Color by Numbers – Instruct children to color the numbered parts of the mouse with their corresponding colors.

‘Tis the Season – Length and Height – Young learners will color the longer pictures and the taller pictures.

Candy Cane Christmas – Counting – Students will count the candy canes in each row and write the number.

Merry Measuring – Measure and Record – This worksheet is to be used in conjunction with the Christmas Measuring Cards. Students will measure the items and record their answers. Discuss which are longer, shorter, or the same length.

Happy Holiday – Association – Children will study the groups of pictures and cross out the ones that do not belong. Discuss the different attributes of the items and why they do or don’t belong together.

Candy Clap and Count – Segmenting Syllables – Students will name each picture and clap and count each word part. They will then color in the appropriate amount of candies.

All Things Christmas – Visual Discrimination – Young learners will study the rows of pictures and cross out or color the one that is different from the rest. Depending on the child’s ability, a sheet of paper may be used to cover the other pictures as he/she works one row at a time.

How to Decorate a Gingerbread Cookie – Sequencing – Children will cut out the pictures and work to put them order. Once the pictures are properly sequenced, they may be glued and colored. Depending on the child’s ability, only three cards may be used.

The Sounds of Christmas – Beginning Sounds – Encourage children to sound out the pictures, and to color them using the provided code.