Category: Halloween

Halloween activities for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

Make a Monster Playdough Activity Cards

Grrr! Sink your teeth into this Make a Monster Playdough Activity! Students will choose a learning center task card and create a monster by following the “recipe”. Children will have a wildly good time while strengthening the following skills: –…

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Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin

spooky halloween sensory bin

This Halloween sensory bin is made of just a little bit of spooky and a whole lot of fun! Children learn best by using their senses. Tubs filled with a variety of substances and materials enable young ones to use…

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Halloween Math and Literacy Activities

Trick or treat! Looking for some frighteningly fun Halloween learning activities for kids? This Halloween Math and Literacy pack contains 14 worksheets and 8 center tasks that practice the following skills: – Counting – One-to-one correspondence – Number recognition –…

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Room on the Broom Craft

room on the broom craft

Let’s make some truly magnificent broomsticks! This extension activity for the delightful book Room on the Broom is all kinds of fun. Paired with the story, this craft helps children to practice rhyming (phonemic awareness), rhythm and repetition, pro-social behavior,…

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Spooky Pumpkin Collages

spooky pumpkin collages

Collages are an open-ended activity where children can be creative with just about anything. These Halloween pumpkin collages are made from materials other than paper. I provided small scraps of fabric, felt, ribbon, and other goodies. Use your imagination and…

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Spider Web Number Quantity Task Cards

Let’s get spooky and count some spiders! This free spider web counting game is a wonderful way to strengthen number sense. By placing a numbered group of spiders on its corresponding web, children demonstrate number quantity knowledge – the understanding…

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