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Garden theme activities for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

Garden Felt Board Activity

Children love to use the flannel board, and I give them that opportunity as often as I can. This table top board is perfect for a small group. I like to gather two or three children and have them work…

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Bugs and Insects Math and Literacy Activities

Let’s get buzzy with some bug and insect activities! This Bugs and Insects Math and Literacy pack contains 17 worksheets and 8 centers that are sure to engage your learners while strengthening the following skills: – Patterning – Counting –…

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The Carrot Seed Carrot Craft

The children’s book The Carrot Seed is a simple classic that teaches perseverance, and the method of planting a seed and helping it grow. This delightful story, which was first published in 1945, has never been out of print. The…

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Free Bugs and Insects Count and Clip Cards

These count and clip cards are a fun way for children to improve their number sense. They encompass many math skills and concepts: number recognition, number quantity, one-to-one correspondence, counting, and set recognition. Added bonus: they also make a fantastic…

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Bugs and Flowers Sensory Bin

Last week Zoey wrote about her garden sensory bin. I thought it was completely amazing, and could not wait to come up with my own variation. This bin uses the same base (brown colored rice) which looks exactly like mulch….

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Garden Sensory Bin

Spring has definitely sprung in our classroom. The seeds, the children planted, have started to sprout. The butterflies have emerged from their chrysalises, and the children’s colorful kites are hanging from the ceiling. To go along with all of this,…

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Strawberry Counting Game

In a previous post, we used strawberry baskets for an art project. Well, now we are turning them into a simple, yet powerful math tool. This strawberry activity is a cute way to practice number recognition and counting skills. It…

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Printing with Strawberry Baskets

This is one of my favorite times of the year; strawberry season. The strawberry stands have recently cropped up along the roadsides, meaning that you may have quite the collection of those little green baskets. Whatever you do, DON’T throw…

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