Category: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day activities for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten.

Free Printable Mother’s Day Questionnaire

This engaging and free printable Mother’s Day questionnaire is the perfect addition to any Mother’s Day gift or card. Moms will be sure to get a kick out of their children’s endearing responses. Younger learners will dictate their responses to…

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Owl Babies Art Activities

My first year of teaching I discovered a wonderful book, Owl Babies, written by Martin Waddell, and beautifully illustrated by Patrick Benson. Three baby owls awake one night to find their mother missing. “Where’s mommy?” they wonder. Exactly where mommy…

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Mother’s Day Craft for Kids

Many of the children in my classroom have mothers who are very crafty; they love to scrapbook and paint. So this year I decided to have my students make decorative craft cans for Mother’s Day. In preparation, I covered the…

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Mother’s Day Gift Bag Craft

I always like the children to make their own wrapping for their Mother’s Day gifts. I have found that paper bags, when decorated, make the perfect gift wrap. The flowers on our bags are paper cupcake liners that have been…

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