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Free Printable Mother’s Day Questionnaire

Free Printable Mother's Day Questionnaire

This engaging and free printable Mother’s Day questionnaire is the perfect addition to any Mother’s Day gift or card. Moms will be sure to get a kick out of their children’s endearing responses.

Younger learners will dictate their responses to teachers. Older students may copy their answers onto their papers, while some may even be able to write some of their own words.

Two versions are included in the download: one featuring a boy and one featuring a girl.


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Owl Babies Art Activities

My first year of teaching I discovered a wonderful book, Owl Babies, written by Martin Waddell, and beautifully illustrated by Patrick Benson.

Three baby owls awake one night to find their mother missing. “Where’s mommy?” they wonder. Exactly where mommy is makes a wonderful story. In subsequent years, I have read this book to all my classes for Mother’s Day, and have found that it never fails to capture the children’s imagination. After reading the book, the children love making their very own owls, painted with bubble wrap, to take home. I like to extend this curriculum later in the week. We often have a group discussion about owls, their habitats, and the fact that they are nocturnal animals. I then like to follow up with some feather painting.


– Our owl template
– Construction paper
– Large googly eyes
– Feathers
– Paint
– Bubble wrap
– Glue


– Stiff feathers
– Paint
– Construction paper

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Mother’s Day Craft for Kids

Mother's Day Gift for Kids

Many of the children in my classroom have mothers who are very crafty; they love to scrapbook and paint. So this year I decided to have my students make decorative craft cans for Mother’s Day.

In preparation, I covered the cans with different colors of foam. I learned the best way to be sure the foam adhered properly was to use a glue gun. I provided each child with a can, some Tacky Glue and Q-tips (to apply the glue), and a variety of decorative materials. I then sat back and watched some beautiful cans emerge. My students are all very excited about presenting their gifts at our Mother’s Day Tea.

Mother's Day Gift for Kids


– Soup cans
– Craft foam sheets
– Scissors
– Glue gun
– Buttons
– Acrylic Jewels
– Foam self adhesive stickers
– Stickers
– Tacky Glue

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