Decorate a Shamrock Playdough Activity Cards

Decorate a Shamrock Playdough Activity Cards

Get lucky and grab this Decorate a Shamrock Playdough Activity for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Students will choose a learning center task card and create a shamrock by following the “recipe”.

This resource allows children to practice the following skills:

– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Number recognition
– Number quantity
– Set recognition
– Spatial relations
– More/less/same concept
– Language
– Social emotional
– Fine motor
– Following directions

Print these activity cards out on cardstock. For heavy use,lamination is recommended. Supply students with playdough, shamrock cookie cutters and/or small heart cookie cutters (these can be used to make a clover), plastic gold coins, pom poms, acrylic jewels and/or sequins, plastic shamrocks and/or foam shamrocks, buttons, beads, and cut up pieces of fuzzy sticks/pipe cleaners.

Be sure to facilitate conversation during this activity. Ask your students to describe their creations and ask them which items they used more/less/same of.

Let the imaginations soar and the creating begin!


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