Garden Patterning Activity

Garden Patterning Activity

Pattern pins are versatile and easy to put together. They promote hands-on learning and quickly capture the attention of most learners.

I found this set of cute felt flowers and butterflies on Amazon and thought they were the perfect thing to use for our Garden Unit pins. For actual instructions on how to assemble the pins please refer to this post.

Garden Patterning Activity

When introducing the concept of patterning, emphasis that a pattern is only a pattern if it is repeated at least two times. Follow up by showing examples. Break your children up into small groups and have them practice copying and extending these patterns. Start with easier ones and work up to more complicated ones.

In conclusion, be sure to give each student the opportunity to “read” their patterns after they have been created.


– Paint mixing sticks
– Paint (craft or spray)
– Clothespins
– Felt flowers and butterflies
– Hot glue gun

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