Make a Monster Playdough Activity Cards

Make a Monster Playdough Activity Cards

Grrr! Sink your teeth into this Make a Monster Playdough Activity! Students will choose a learning center task card and create a monster by following the “recipe”.

Children will have a wildly good time while strengthening the following skills:

– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Number recognition
– Number quantity
– Set recognition
– Spatial relations
– More/less/same concept
– Language
– Social emotional
– Fine motor
– Following directions

Print these 10 activity cards out on cardstock. For heavy use, lamination is recommended. Supply students with playdough, googly eyes, foam triangle pieces, craft sticks, buttons, beads, and fuzzy sticks/pipe cleaners.

Be sure to facilitate conversation during this activity. Ask your students to describe their creations, and ask them which items they used more/less/same of.

Just some ideas – the foam triangles may be used as teeth and horns, the craft sticks and fuzzy sticks/pipe cleaners as legs and arms, or vice versa! But, of course, all of the items should be used ANY way the children see fit.

Let the imaginations soar and the creating begin!


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