Outer Space Collaborative Collage

outer space collaborative collage

Once or twice a year I like to have my students work together to create something together to display in the classroom. The children really enjoy expressing themselves. Rarely do I have anyone turn down the chance to participate. This time around, we went for an outer space collage.

This piece of art turned out to be a creative and fun experience for everyone. I provided a large, curved piece of Styrofoam that had been spray painted black and quickly sprinkled with a dusting of glitter. I also provided a tray full of sparkly decorative items. I found glitter foam at Walmart that made perfect stars and moons. Plain foil stars also work well. My students were drawn to the various materials, and loved choosing which ones they wanted to use.

outer space collaborative collage

This outer space collage turned out to be 3D, but you can use poster board or cardboard and a variety of collage materials of your choice. Some may choose all the materials you provide, while others will use very few.

outer space collaborative collage

This open-ended activity provides the children with an opportunity to use their imaginations, express their creativity, and practice decision making. Additionally, when working collaboratively to create a piece of art, the children develop social skills and learn to work interactively.


– A large piece of Styrofoam or other material
– Spray paint
– Glitter
– Glue
– Pom poms (glitter and regular)
Sparkly fuzzy sticks (pipe cleaners)
– Moon and star stickers
Acrylic jewels
Our star template

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