How to Make Rainbow Colored Rice

How to Make Rainbow Colored Rice

As mothers and teachers, we are always looking for interesting, useful ways to teach in both the classroom and at home without spending a lot of money. This coloring technique fits the bill.

How to Make Rainbow Colored Rice

Rice, pasta/macaroni, rock salt – this method works for all of it. It’s easy, mess free and, most importantly, inexpensive! Why color these items? Well, because there are a plethora of learning activities that they are just dying to be a part of, that’s why! In this instance, I was looking to put together a St. Patrick’s Day sensory bin, and I wanted a rainbow colored base.


– White rice
– Washable water colors
– Ziploc baggies

How to Make Rainbow Colored Rice

Fill the baggie with the amount of rice needed. Carefully drip/pour the watercolor into the bag and over the rice for the desired effect. Seal the Ziploc and carefully massage and manipulate the baggie so that the watercolor works its way into the rice properly, giving you your desired outcome. Be sure to let the rice dry thoroughly (in the Ziploc) before use. Happy coloring!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Rainbow Colored Rice

  1. in order for the paint to dry, do you have to leave the ziploc bag open? Do you have to use washable paints, or can you use other paints, or food coloring?

    1. Hi Heather!

      We spread out the rice in a disposable aluminum pan to dry. We use the washable liquid watercolor and because we’ve been so happy with the vibrant pigment we achieve, we’ve never strayed from this method.

      Let us know if you try paint or food coloring. Have fun! 🙂

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