Rainbow Toast

Rainbow Toast

An engaging story and a colorful, tasty snack. Could there be a better way to introduce a new, slightly warmer month? We don’t think so; bring on the rainbows!

Rainbow Toast

Start by reading a book about rainbows. There are so many wonderful ones to choose from. Two of our favorites are A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman and What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Ann Shartz. A Rainbow of My Own is a heartfelt story about a little boy who imagines having a rainbow of his own and all the things that he would do with it. What Makes a Rainbow? is a brightly illustrated board book that teaches children about colors. It is perfect for younger children (toddlers) and will undoubtedly capture their attention as a rainbow of ribbons magically appear when the pages are opened.

Rainbow Toast

Now it’s time for rainbow toast! This activity is so simple and the kids love it.


– Bread
– Assorted food colors
– Milk
– Paint brushes
– Small, clear containers

Rainbow Toast

Place 4 drops of food coloring into each container. Add enough milk to obtain the amount needed. We filled our cups half way. During this step, be sure to discuss color mixing with your child/children. Demonstrate and talk about how yellow and blue make green, and how red and blue make purple.
Rainbow Toast

Let’s make our rainbows. Using a brush, gently paint the colors across the slice of bread. Monitor the amount of liquid used to avoid soggy, torn bread. When finished, toast to your liking. Spread with a little butter or margarine, and enjoy!

Rainbow Toast

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  1. Pam Main says:

    So simple yet so fun! Just not sure if I can get white bread into my preschool!
    (also want to share a typo – in the paragraph where you say be sure to discuss color mixing… you wrote “yellow and green make blue.” I’m sure you know it’s yellow and blue that make green!)

    1. Gigi says:

      Thank you, Pam! And thanks for bringing the typo to my attention. I really appreciate it!

      Good luck with the white bread! 🙂

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