Spooky Pumpkin Collages

spooky pumpkin collages

Collages are an open-ended activity where children can be creative with just about anything. These Halloween pumpkin collages are made from materials other than paper. I provided small scraps of fabric, felt, ribbon, and other goodies. Use your imagination and look through your art supplies for a variety of things that can be glued.

It is best when children are able to use the items they select to decorate their pumpkins as they see fit. Some young learners will cover their entire pieces; other will not. Some may use only one color, while others may enjoy using and mixing all of the elements.

spooky pumpkin collages


– Construction paper
– Glue
– Scissors
– Our free printable pumpkin template
Fabric scraps
– Feathers
– Pom poms
Foam stickers
– Acrylic craft jewels
Faux fall leaves
– Pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks
– Crinkle cut paper

spooky pumpkin collages

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