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Decorate a Flower Playdough Activity Cards

April showers bring May flowers, which means it’s the perfect time for this Decorate a Flower Playdough Activity. It’s blooming with learning opportunities! Students will choose a task card and create a flower by following the “recipe”. This resource allows…

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Garden Patterning Activity

Pattern pins are versatile and easy to put together. They promote hands-on learning and quickly capture the attention of most learners. I found this set of cute felt flowers and butterflies on Amazon and thought they were the perfect thing…

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Garden Felt Board Activity

Children love to use the flannel board, and I give them that opportunity as often as I can. This table top board is perfect for a small group. I like to gather two or three children and have them work…

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Bugs and Flowers Sensory Bin

Last week Zoey wrote about her garden sensory bin. I thought it was completely amazing, and could not wait to come up with my own variation. This bin uses the same base (brown colored rice) which looks exactly like mulch….

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Garden Match Up File Folder Game

Nothing designates the arrival of spring more than flowers and fluttering butterflies. This eye-catching file folder game puts the two together, and provides children with the opportunity to brush up on their color recognition skills. MATERIALS USED: – File Folder…

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Colored Eggshell Collage

Don’t throw away those eggshells after peeling your colored Easter eggs. Here’s a cute springtime activity that is very appealing to most children. It works to stimulate imaginations and foster creativity. We did our collages on butterflies and flowers, but…

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