There’s No Place Like Space! Art Activity

There's No Place Like Space! Art Activity

“I’m the Cat in the Hat, and we’re off to have fun. We’ll visit the planets, the stars, and the sun!” These are the captivating first words of the book There’s No Place Like Space!. Written by Tish Rabe and beautifully illustrated by Aristides Ruiz, this wonderful book takes children on an exciting ride through the solar system, and teaches important basic concepts about space.

There's No Place Like Space! Art Activity

After being introduced to this book, preschoolers will enjoy making their own “planets”. Have students place cut up or torn pieces of bleeding tissue paper onto white construction paper circles. Instruct them to wet the tissue with a water filled spray bottle (supervision is important here). Once the tissue is sufficiently wet, gently remove and allow the “planets” to dry.

This activity encourages creative expression. The children love to choose their colors, and always get excited when they see the beautiful and varied works of art they have created. In addition, using a spray bottle improves fine motor skills and helps to build strength in small hands and fingers. Finally, cutting skills can be practiced, by encouraging the children (who wish to do so) to cut out their own circles.

There's No Place Like Space! Art Activity

Note: This revised edition of the book includes a glossary of space terms and excludes mention of Pluto, which is no longer considered a planet.


– White construction paper
Bleeding tissue paper in a variety of colors
– Spray bottles filled with water
Our free circle template

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