Traceable Monthly Calendars

Traceable Monthly Calendars

Our traceable monthly calendar packet has been updated for the school year of August 2018 – July 2019.

At the start of each month I have my pre-k students make a calendar. They enjoy the process and they get excited to take them home and proudly display them on their refrigerators. And me? Well, I get excited about ALL of the learning opportunities that these simple little calendars hold.

Doing a monthly calendar strengthens the following skills:

– Fine motor (proper tripod grasp and tracing)
– Counting
– One-to-one correspondence
– Number formation
– Number recognition
– Writing left to right
– Writing top to bottom
– Ordinal concepts
– Critical thinking

Traceable Monthly Calendars

At the beginning of each month talk about the weeks ahead and any important events that will be occurring. Have your young learners trace the numbers. I recommend working with them individually or in small groups. At the start of the year, some children may struggle to complete their calendars due to the level of difficulty and/or a short attention span. And that’s okay. Growth will be obvious as the year progresses.

While working with children, stress the importance of a proper pencil grip and writing left to right and top to bottom. There is a black dot on each letter and number on the calendars. Encourage your students to get into the habit of placing their crayon or pencil on that starting point. This will help teach them proper formation.

Traceable Monthly Calendars


This pack includes 2 sets of calendars. One set features a seasonal graphic next to the month, and the other does not.


– Fully Traceable Monthly Calendars (12)
– Traceable Monthly Calendars With Some Missing Numbers (12)


– Fully Traceable Monthly Calendars (12)
– Traceable Monthly Calendars With Some Missing Numbers (12)

Letters and numbers are marked with a black dot starting point that aids proper formation. Calendars that are missing numbers are for students that are developmentally ready to recognize and write numbers, and can be introduced accordingly. The amount of missing numbers increases each month with June have the most (12).

Once the calendar is complete, kids may glue them onto a large piece of construction paper and decorate the topper in conjunction with its calendar. Provide stickers for significant dates (e.g., birthday, holiday. etc.) to reinforce the skills mentioned.


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