Valentine Card Holder Craft

Valentine Card Holder

As teachers, we are always thinking ahead. Thinking of the next month, the next theme, and the next holiday. So, obviously, I’ve now got Valentine’s Day and our exchange party on my mind. For the last 5-6 years, I’ve had my students make paper bag valentine card holders. Well, this year, I’m throwing it back and going “old school”. Check out these pocket valentine holders!

These were once a staple of my February curriculum, and now I remember why. Not only are they cute, but they are big! Big enough to hold all of the children’s cards and treats/trinkets; with the paper bags, my kids struggled to fit everything in. Also, with these pocket holders, students have a larger area to express their creativity, and that’s what is really important.

Valentine Card Holder

Simply staple together two pieces of 12″ by 18″ pieces of construction paper. Leave a two-inch margin at the top, and fold that front piece of paper down. Provide each child with a holder, a name tag, some glue, some decorative goodies, and watch the fun begin. Students who are developmentally ready should be prompted to cut out their own tags and write their own names.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


– Construction paper
– A stapler
– Puffy heart stickers
– Foam heart stickers
– Heart doilies
– Glue
– Markers and crayons
Our valentine name tag

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