Vet Clinic Dramatic Play

This Vet Clinic Dramatic Play set contains learning props that will help you transform your dramatic play center into the Sunnydale Veterinary Clinic – known for its years of trusted pet care.

Pretend play allows children to practice the following skills:

Social-emotional: Empathy, self-regulation, negotiation of roles and ideas, cooperation, leadership

Physical: Gross and fine motor; manipulation of costumes and props, eye-hand coordination, writing (number and letter formation), spatial awareness

Cognitive: Problem identification, problem solving, acting out stories, discussion of stories, visual discrimination, classification, counting, letter recognition, word recognition, association, visual memory, story comprehension

Language: Verbal thinking, vocabulary growth, speaking in complete sentences, asking and answering questions, using role related language (e.g., “How is your pet feeling?”), auditory memory, following directions

For your convenience both color and black and white versions are included in this packet. Please note that the color versions of these props are designed to be printed (on cardstock) and laminated. This will ensure their use and enjoyment for years to come. When using the color, laminated versions of the sign in sheet and forms, be sure to provide dry erase markers.

Provide children with an array of stuffed animals to be cared for, along with bowls, collars, and any other vet/pet supplies of your choice.

An eye-catching sign welcomes customers into the clinic. Six boy badges and 6 girl badges are ready to be worn by your veterinarians and veterinary assistants. Simply attach some yarn with either a hole punch or clear packing tape.

These signs inform patrons of the clinic’s business hours and low cost vaccinations. The sign in sheet and appointment reminders are perfect for writing practice. Supply learners with clipboards and writing utensils.

Some pets may be in for an extended recovery stay or for boarding, either way, they are going to need to eat! These 4 food labels (dog, cat, fish, and bird) may be wrapped and taped to clean, empty soup and vegetable cans or similar containers. Make sure there are no sharp edges.

This clearly printed sign displays the clinic’s cost of services, and is an engaging way for students to practice number recognition.

Sunnydale Vet Clinic’s veterinarians always preform thorough exams. This physical exam form allows emerging readers to use pictures as clues to any unfamiliar words.

Proper medications are a must for sick pets, so these prescription forms will come in handy. The medicine labels may be wrapped and taped to small plastic bottles and boxes. The Dollar Store carries a wide variety both.

There are 3 signs that will help define the areas of the clinic – waiting room, exam room, and x-ray room.

This banner will add that extra special touch. It may be assembled using yarn or twine. Just string the letters using a hole punch or simply attach them with clothespins.

Twenty-two word cards are included in this set. They may be used as labels for items in the play center or displayed in your writing center.

Let the learning through play commence!


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